Wartime Magazine Issue 14

Winter 2001 SHOP:1328272714
  • The legacy of Chunuk Bair by Colin Townsend. When New Zealanders remember Gallipoli, they think of 8 August 1915.
  • ANZACs in Iraq by Chris Coulthard-Clark. Australian and New Zealand airmen fought side by side in the cradle of civilisation.
  • ANZAC Today by Frank Glen. What does ANZAC mean to contemporary New Zealanders?
  • And children still bring flowers by Judy Cannon. Eighty years on, an English village remembers the ANZACs.
  • Malta's AIF connection by Bill Billett. Australians did not fight and major battles on Malta, but 1,200 First and Second AIF soldiers are buried there.
  • Captive cartography: POW map production by Dianne Rutherford. Under the noses of their guards, Allied POW’s showed remarkable ingenuity in creating aids to escape.
  • Mishaps and misadventures by Moreen Dee. Australians in the Boxer Rebellion.
  • VC winner – Flight Sergeant Rawdon Hume Middleton by Murray McLeod.
  • Echoes of Thermopylae by Ross Lloyd. History repeats in the Brallos Pass, Greece.
  • Desert gems by Betty Snowden. Little known and rarely seen, these small oil panels by George Lambert are “full of life and local colour”.
  • A story that must be told  - HMAS Armidale by Sarah Kearney. An abridged and edited version of the winning esay in the wartime experiences category of the 2000 National Challenge.
  • A sideshow in Dublin by Georgina Fitzpatrick. An Australian soldier defends British rule in Ireland during the Easter Rising, 1916.
  • Kangaroo feathers and the mystique of the Light Horse By Peter Aitken. Throughout history, mounted troops have been known as elite men of arms.
  • Army Centenary Parade. The Army celebrated 100 years of service with a parade in front of the Australian War Memorial on 10 March 2001, at which it received a new Army Banner, a gift from the nation.
  • Australians at war – The television series by Peter Stanley. The making of the film.
  • Fully illustrated, 72 pages.

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