Wartime Magazine Issue 20

October 2002 SHOP:1328272720
  • Moment of sacrifice by Chris Davidson. A dramatic second in the exploits of Bomber Command is frozen on film.
  • Tet turning point by Chris Coulthard-Clark. One event broke the military deadlock and changed the Vietnam War.
  • Myths of the Vietnam War by Lex McAulay. As with all wars, that in Vietnam spawned a number of popular stories. Eight of the most common are false.
  • Kokoda heroes by David Horner. Sixty years later, the battles of Papua remain the most important ever fought for the direct security of Australia.
  • Kokoda a Japanese tragedy by Steve Bullard. The South Seas Force met more that it anticipated in Papua and was pushed to the brink of despair.
  • Roff’s war by Chris Goddard. The Australians were surprised when they captured a wayward German messenger in 1918.
  • When art became a weapon by Ann Elias. Australians created a masterpiece of deception with their camouflage techniques in the South-West Pacific in 1943.
  • Hero four times over by Graeme Beveridge. Ernie Corey epitomised the spirit of the First AIF and worked relentlessly to help his mates.A humble stretcher-bearer with the  
  • The loss of HMAS Yarra by Daniel Oakman. Australia seemed more vulnerable than ever when the Japanese attacked a small convoy in March 1942, but the incident produced one of the bravest acts in our military history.
  • 'Damnable struggle’ for hope by Nola Anderson. Ray Parkin, a prisoner on the Burma-Thailand Railway, found inspiration in nature.
  • How Tom Grady cleared the gun by David Pearson. A lillte know Victoria Cross from the Crimean War in the AWM collection.
  • Australia’s ‘urgent imperial service’ by Daniel Oakman. Keen but untrained me took Australia into the Great War and met the enemy on our doorstep.
  • Were they the first? By Robin Pennock. The war arrived in South Australia when mine clearance men Able Seaman T.W. Todd and W.L. Danswan, were killed in 1941.
  • Australians in the Berlin Airlift by Chris Coulthard-Clark. The RAF was short of experienced aircrew for a mammoth air airlift and welcomed an offer of help.
  • War brides break barriers by Keiko Tamura. Japanese wives of Australian servicemen transcend culture and language to share their experiences.
  • Art and war in Japan by Charlotte Sarossy. In 1942, talented 17-year-old Japanese artist Tom (Tomu) Ogi filled a notebook with a series of extremely detailed pencil and watercolour sketches of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
  • One man’s war in New Guinea by Josh Brown. An admiring grandson recounts the exploits of a brave fighter – George William Brown.
  • An air gunner writes home. Flight Sergeant Richard (Dick) Gee, 460 Squadron, RAAF wrote to his father, a Gallipoli veteran, on 24 April 1943, describing three of his squadron’s raids on German and Italian targets during that month.
  • Our coastwatcher of Guadalcanal.
  • Fully illustrated, 72 pages.

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