Wartime Magazine Issue 21

January 2003 SHOP:1328272721
  • The ‘other man’  by Anthony Staunton. A question remains over the participants in an inspiring action in France where two Victoria Crosses were awarded during the First World War.
  • Buna, Gona and Sanananda. Compiled by Ian Hodges and Daniel Oakman.
    A photo-essay by Memorial historians for the 60th anniversary of these crucial campaigns.
  • Missionary Martyrs by Tony Matthews. Betrayed by Papuan villagers they believed to be friendly, two young women met violent deaths.
  • Australia’s Boer War by Craig Wilcox. Extracts from Craig’s new book; and The killing of Jan Dolley.
  • The birth of regiments: Sudan 1885 by Ken Wright. Colonial allegiance to the empire led to the first contingent of soldiers leaving Australian shores to defend British interests.
  • The battle of Magdhaba by Ian Hodges. A courageous ANZAC mounted unit won a decisive battle and signalled the end of desert fighting.
  • Unique record of war against terrorism by Claire Baddeley. Official artist Peter Churcher’s compelling on-the-spot images make an outstanding contribution to the Memorial’s collection.
  • Reflections of a war artist by Peter Churcher.
  • Death due to friendly fire by Ashley Ekins. The life and death of WO2 Jack Kirby in Vietnam.
  • Minelaying Cats by David Vincent. Catalina flying boats were the workhorses of the Pacific war.
  • Cats on the Swan by Brad Manera.
  • Dear Miss Chomley... by Nola Anderson. A meticulous administrator made life a little better for Australian prisoners of the Germans during the First and Second World Wars.
  • The battle of Bismarck Sea by Robert Nichols. US and Australian air power destroys an entire convoy sending an unprecedented message to Japan .
  • To the bitter end by Damien Fenton. HMAS Australia was a last minute replacement in a frustrating battle against the French in 1940.
  • ‘Our little Imbros cottage’ by Peter Stanley. The house in which Charles Bean wrote some of his most important Gallipoli dispatches survives on the Turkish island of Imbros still survives.
  • The ‘worst day’ under fire by Sergeant D. R. Baker. This letter sent to Vera Johns was written in hospital in Malta on 5th May 1915, and describes the ANZAC landing on 25 April 1915.
  • Murder at Sutton Veny by Peter Burness. The claim that “no Australian soldier was executed during the First World War” overlooks the little-known story of Verney Asser.
  • Fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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