Wartime Magazine Issue 25

January 2004 SHOP:1328272725
  • Mine menace by Elizabeth Stewart. Despite losing limbs and eyesight, two Vietnam veterans became an inspiration to others.
  • The unknown Australian soldier by  Ashley Ekins. One man we will never know represents the sacrifice of 102,000 Australians.
  • Women in wartime by Anne-Marie Condé. A photo-essay.
  • Brothers courageous by Sandy Clugston. Following personal tragedy, the orphaned Parsons brothers went on to give distinguished military service.
  • The battle of Berlin by Daniel Oakman. Bomber Command had long awaited the plan to attack the ‘Big City’ and when the time came there were many surprises.
  • One big unit by Peter Stanley. The mixed crews in Bomber Command did not diminish national loyalties.
  • The protectors by Richard Pelvin. Eight RAN corvettes played an important part in the invasion of Sicily.
  • Sympathetic censor by Tony Cunneen. Austin Fenton was an unusual watchdog. He helped correspondents get the story.
  • The war in Iraq by Joanne Smedley and Claire Baddeley
    Official artist Lewis Miller and official photographer David Dare Parker record the Australian contribution to the Second Gulf War.
  • Valour in the Markham Valley by Brad Manera. Private Richard Kelliher, court-martialled for cowardice, went on to win a VC near Nadzab, New Guinea.
  • Forgotten hero by Max Chamberlain. Walter David (“Karri”) Davies was a humble soldier whose satisfaction was serving the empire.
  • The two Harry Freames by Chris Clark. A remarkable father and son each served in a world war, and each suffered an unusual fate.
  • First ANZAC heroes by Barry Clissold. The men awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal on Gallipoli set a high standard of courage for a young nation in its first major engagement.
  • Official History Online by Peter Stanley. Charles Beans Official history of Australia in the war of 1914-1918 is now available on the Australian War Memorial’s website.
  • The ‘awfulness’ of battle. Harry Wright, A Company, 14th Battalion AIF, disembarked at ANZAC on the morning of 26 April 1915. He was constantly in the line on Gallipoli until he was wounded on 21 August. This letter is written bt Harry from a hospital in England.
  •  Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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