Wartime Magazine Issue 26

  • Hell trip home by Chris Clark. Not all casualties of war happen on the battle field.
  • When there was damned little to laugh at by James Hurst. William Raymond “Combo” Smith, a quick-witted private broke the tension on the first ANZAC day.
  • The Big Guns by Peter Burness. Heavy howitzers were with the first Australians on the Western Front during the First World War, and remain our largest artillery piece used in land battle.
  • The Men from Snowy River by Dianne Rutherford. The story of a famous First World War recruitment march.
  • Honkytonk man by Peter Londey. The sole Australian in a novice Halifax bomber crew piloted 50 operations without being hit.
  • ‘Tough & dangerous work’ by Peter Londey. The mine clearance divers of AUSCDT Three led the way in Iraq.
  • Iraq in focus. Defence photographers cover the war in Iraq in 2003.
  • Australians in D-Day by Simone Sharpe. History’s largest multinational military operation involved more than those at the landing.
  • Er Regima – Baptism of fire by Alec Hill. The ill-equipped 2/13th Battalion paid a high price for their initiation to battle.
  • Flying with eagles by Steven Bullard. Saito Shin’ya, a determined Japanese journalist and propaganda officer joined an air raid on Darwin in January 1943.
  • Darwin dreaming by Robin Gerster. Exploring Second World War sites in Australia’s Top End, an eager traveller finds an old war in collision with the New Age.
  • World First by Keith Hooper. A new national memorial to ex-prisoners of war in Ballarat.
  • The burden of grief by Anne-Marie Condé. Violet Gibbins fought an unrelenting battle to preserve the memory of her ‘inexpressibly dear’ brother, Norman Gibbins.
  • Mysterious memento by Humphrey McQueen. The story behind Tom Robert’s “A” Battery Field Artillery.
  • A casualty of change by Peter Burness. Formation sign badges were a feature of the new post-war army’s uniforms.
  • The blast by Eddie Gilbert. A member of Gull Force (2/21st Battalion), Eddie Gilbert was a prisoner of war on Ambon for more than three years.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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