Wartime Magazine Issue 28

October 2004 SHOP:1328272728
  • The battle of Boucaut Bay by Craig Wilcox. Two years before the Second World War an Australian patrol boat opened fire on Japanese pearling luggers.
  • The first kamikaze attack? by Robert Nichols. A surprise attack on HMAS Australia on Trafalgar Day 1944 caused horrific injuries.
  • And they didn’t live happily ever after by Jane Peek. Following a wartime wedding, Violet Glover waited for her soldier to return.
  • Prisoner of steel by John Moremon. Lietenant Commander Palgrave “Pally” Carr, Australia’s only naval officer awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Second World needed a good story to survive captivity.
  • Assault on the Pimple by Phillip Bradley. Fighting around Shaggy Ridge in December 1943.
  • Buna attack by Chris Linke. Against the odds, the 2/6th Independent Company stood out as an “excellent” unit.
  • Operation Guidance by Ray Worledge. A daring X-Craft raid on Bergen in April 1944 was executed with perfection.
  • Ernie Bailey - ‘Founder’ of Australian War Museum by Peter Stanley. A memorial plaque reminds us of our predecessors.
  • Sunken hopes by Eric Carpenter. The troopship Southland was not a lucky ship for Australian First World War volunteers.
  • Death on the goldfields by Brad Manera. Courageous young captain Henry Christopher Wise, led by example at Eureka.
  • The seasons of battle by Peter Burness. Weather was a critical factor in developing strategies on the Western Front 1916–18.
  • Baptism of fire by Sharon Losik. A lifeboat from MV Devanha used at the ANZAC landing gives a rare insight into the feelings of the ANZACs immediately before they went ashore.
  • Independence Day at Hamel by Mitchell Yockelson. Despite interference, Americans and Australians fought together and created a strong bond.
  • Reconciliation at last by Brian Cleaver and Peter Phillips. Two determined Australian Vietnam veterans fulfilled a goal thatbrought peace to many souls.
  • Mrs Weir’s morning teas by Keiko Tamura. Escaped Japanese prisoners of war after the Cowra breakout.
  • Fear of friendly bombing. Keith Hooper’s experiences as a prisoner of war of the Germans.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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