Wartime Magazine Issue 29

January 2005 SHOP:1328272729
  • One of a kind by Ross McMullin. Australian Jack Carroll belatedly turned up at Buckingham Palace to be presented with his VC by King George.
  • The ANZAC yarn by Peter Burness. Australians back home delighted in a thrilling story from Gallipoli but it was mostly a myth that simply evaporated.
  • Quinn’s Post: ‘The most critical position’ by Peter Stanley. Extract from Peter Stanley’s latest book, Quinn’s Post, ANZAC, Gallipoli, published by Allen & Unwin.
  • Life at the Dat by Craig Wilcox. Home could be surprisingly comfortable at the Vietnam military base.
  • Bunker assault by Elizabeth Stewart. A quilt made by the wife of a badly wounded National Serviceman serves as a tribute to Vietnam veterans.
  • An instant in war a powerful memory forever. A photo-essay compiled by Patricia Sabine commemorates the life of renowned Second World War photographer George Silk (1916-2004).
  • The finest ships in the fleet by Colin Jones. The service of two destroyers,  HMAS Anzac and Tobruk in the Korean War.
  • Coming clean by Albert Palazzo. Heading for home from Iraq involved more than simply packing a kitbag.
  • The Kokoda myth by Steven Bullard. Accounts of the war in Papua often neglect reality.
  • An eye for an eye by Michael Tyquin. Australian troops staged a public flogging of German nationals in Rabaul in 1914.
  • The last stand at Wandumi by Phillip Bradley. Determined Australians in New Guinea continued to fight against the odds.
  • ‘Surry Hills can take it!’ by Brad Manera. A new travelling exhibition looks at Australia at war in 1942-43.
  • Love, loss and identity by Anne-Marie Condé. A war memento stirs the imagination but offers no answers.
  • Fighters over Greece by Alex Freeleagus. The exploits of Australia’s forgotten Greek fighter aces.
  • Voyage of despair by John Moremon. Australian crewmen and passengers captured in New Guinea in 1917 were transported as prisoners, halfway around the world to Germany.
  • Battle of Modder River. NSW lancer Charles Webster’s experiences.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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