Wartime Magazine Issue 31

July 2005 SHOP:1328272731

 60th Anniversay of the end of the Second World War.

  • The last raid by John White. On 15 August 1945, 30 Beaufort bombers responded to a call by the 2/7th Battalion on New guinea and flew into history.
  • The ‘lucky’ ship by Robert Nichols. Aircraft “diving from the sun” failed i their mission at Lingayen Gulf, the RAN’s last major action of the Second World War.
  • Soldier of ‘utmost courage’: ‘Diver’ Derrick by Peter Stanley. Exactly 60 years ago Australian troops fought for the Borneo island of Tarakan. The best kjnown of the 250 Australians who died in the campaign was Lietenant Tom “diver” Derrick, VC, of the 2/48th Battalion.
  • The end of the war. Three prominent historians Garth Pratten, Tom Lewis and Chris Clark repond to questions posed by Wartime. Were the island campaigns “unnecessary”? Was the 1st Tactical Air Force misused in 1945? What contributions did RAN make to victory in 1945?
  • Dropping the bomb by Gar Alperovitz, Peter Stanley and Teruko Blair. On the 60th anniversary two historians and a Hiroshima survivor reflect on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Winning the peace by Craig Wilcox. After the war, another battle of change loomed.
  • Accepting the Japanese surrender by Eric Carpenter. An iconic photograph reveals an Australian commander’s attitudes toward his foe.
  • The humiliation of defeat by Steven Bullard. Beneath a white flag, Naval Lietenant Kawanishi Shotaro, the man who brought stability to Buka villages took a message to the victorious Australians.
  • Ambush at Manggar by Mark Johnston. Grim fighting at Balikpapan in the final days of the war.
  • The birth of a remarkable institution by Peter Londey. The San Francisco United Nations conference, 1945.
  • Roy and Nancy by Vanessa Seekee. The only wedding in the Torres Strait during the Second World War.
  • Code war by Chris Clark. Highly reliable intelligence supplied by the Central Bureau enabled MacArthur to make the successful strategic decisions that led to victory in the Pacific.
  • The campaign for Crete: May 1941 by Al Palazzo. Despite the determined and savage battle, the Allies could not save the tenacious islanders from Nazi occupation.
  • Looking back by Carla Marchant. A Canberra artist offers her retrospective interpretation.
  • Traitor or unsung patriot by Steven Bullard. The chance discovery of a Japanese war record led to the intriguing story of “Mangrove” Murphy.
  • Scrounging or death. Max “Eddie Gilbert” recalls his time in Tan Tui prisoner-of-war camp.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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