Wartime Magazine Issue 32

October 2005 SHOP:1328272732

 Heroes special edition.

  • Three Australian Heroes – Keith ‘Nugget’ Miller, Charles Anderson, ‘Buck’ Rogers.
  • Inspirational Bravery by Peter Burness. How brave men inspire others.
  • Weary Dunlop: emblematic prisoner by Peter Stanley. Different from most Australian prisoners of war in the Second World War, Dunlop came to represent them all.
  • ‘Miracle’ worker by Ian Warden. Verenia “Rania” MacPhillamy, a remarkable woman ran canteens for Australian soldiers in Egypt.
  • The last hours of the Red Baron by Thomas Alured Faunce. Australian airmen, soldiers and medical officers played largely unacknowledged parts in the Red Baron’s last day.
  • The ridge and the river by Donald Lawie. Even though victory in the Pacific was in sight, the Australians on Bougainville still had much fierce fighting to endure.
  • Most Successful UN Observer ever by Peter Londey. Lieutenant General Robert “Put” Nimmo served in two world wars and became a hero as a United Nations Observer.
  • ‘No lipstick, no rouge, no dancing in uniform’ by Jennifer Coombes. Many women wondered whether they might contribute more during the Great War. Olive King didn’t wonder; she did..
  • A disappointing hero by Craig Wilcox. There is more to being a hero than performing heroic deeds. The story of the downfall of Boar War solder, Private Alex Krygger of Ballarat.
  • An unfamiliar face of the enemy by Rosalind Hearder. One of the most brutal chapters of Australian military history was the treatment of prisoners of war by the Japanese from 1942 to 1945. But not all the  captors were so cruel.
  • Caring for the past by Anne-Marie Condé. It is not enough to expect the evidence of the past to be preserved as a matter of chance or accident. Someone has to care.
  • Shoebox of memories by Kenneth R. Peacock. War is an extremely public ordeal, but the experience of battle can be very private. Private Ashley Royden Peacock, MM, 13th Battalion, AIF.
  • Bomber Command memorial. On Sunday 23 July 2005 a memorial to Australians who served or died in Bomber Command was dedicated in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial.
  • Excerpt from No moon tonight by Don Charlwood.
  • The Bomber Command sculpture by Claire Baddeley
  • A Shared experience by Peter Stanley and Lola Wilkins. A new international exhibition of Second World War art from the Imperial War Museum, the Canadian War Museum and the Australian War Memorial.
  • Horse husbandry on the Western Front by Jim Noble. ‘Equine forces’ were a deciding factor in stopping the Germans.
  • The last Boer War centenary by Craig Wilcox. A  minor military anniversary in the last months of 2005 will mark Lieutenant Keith MacKellar’s final journey home.
  • Defender of liberty, honour and freedom - Lieutenant Percy Blythe, MM, of Bunbury, Western Australia.  
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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