Wartime Magazine Issue 35

July 2006 SHOP:1328272735
  • Vietnam remembered. On 18 August 2006 we mark the 40th anniversary of the action at Long Tan, now Vietnam Veterans’ day, when we remember the approximately 60,000 Australians who served in Vietnam.
  • Eyewitness: No time for fear by Harry Smith. Now retired, Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith remembers Long Tan, the largest Australian action of the Vietnam War.
  • Eyewitness: Battle on the Soui Ca by Gary McKay. Operation Iron Fox in Vietnam.
  • Minidress adds a bright note by Rebecca Britt. The donation of material such as Sylvia Raye’s glamorous minidress continues to help us understand and commemorate Australia’s involvement in war.
  • Subtropical training ground by Craig Wilcox. Shoalwater Bay has helped prepare Australians for war since Vietnam.
  • Hot environment by Walter Kudrycz. Operation Bribie epitomised the major contribution of Australian helicopters in Vietnam.
  • Huey A2-1019. Well known businessman and aviation enthusiast Dick Smith and his wife Pip have donated $100,000 to the Australian War Memorial. It is intended to fund the creation of a dramatisation of Operation Bribie in the Memorial’s new Gallery.
  • Tired, filthy, but happy by Elizabeth Stewart. The work of civilian nurses during the Vietnam War was dangerous, dirty and exhausting. Despite the difficulties, Dorothy Angell, Beth Harvey and Jill Storch, three nurses who went to Bien Hoa would not have missed it for the world.
  • Fifty years’ watch by Peter Londey. Australians have served in United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) for a complete half century – the longest military commitment in the world.
  • Death on the last day by Peter Stanley. Private Lawrence Saywell was the last Australian killed in the Second World War, on the last day of the war.
  • Gratitude: the last casualty of war by Eric Carpenter. Many myths about the invention of the Owen gun turn out to be true.
  • Hotel Japan by Robin Gerster. The Kawana Hotel offered a respite for Australian members of BCOF and their families.
  • Painting the Korean War by Warwick Heywood. No one was better suited to painting the wartime activities of the RAN during the Korean War than official war artist Frank Norton.
  • Love, letters, and war by Kate Walker and Jennifer Coombes. The thoughts and feelings expressed to loved ones during wartime are an essential source for biographers and historians.
  • Floral imagery during the First World War by Anne Elias. Flowers have long been symbols of commemoration and remembrance.
  • Gallipoli and Tobruk by David Mitchelhill-Green. Gallipoli and Tobruk are remembered as heroic stands by Australian troops. Several coincidences across three wars also link the two battlefields.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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