Wartime Magazine Issue 38


Gallipoli Special Edition

  • War is Helles: the real fight for Gallipoli by Peter Hart. A British historian corrects some myths and misconceptions.
  • Lone Pine: Worth the cost? by Rhys Crawley. The battle at Lone Pine is remembered as Australia's most successful action on Gallipoli but some who fought there would have disagreed.
  • Gallipoli from the Turkish perceptive by Harvey Broadbent. A new Macquarie University and Australian War Memorial research partnership is investigating previously unexamined documents held in the Turkish archives.
  • Heroic sacrifice by Nigel Steel. The grim valour and steady discipline of the 14th Sikhs at Gallipoli attracted tributes from across the British Empire.
  • No regrets by Peter Burness. A 'stern and demanding' officer, Lieutenant Colonel John “Bullant” Antill, is forever linked to the disastrous charge.
  • A clerk's eye view of Gallipoli by Anne Marie Condé. The young John Treloar waded ashore at the landing with a typewriter in one hand and a sheaf of paper in the other.
  • What if...? by Nigel Steel. Imagine the Gallipoli landings on 25 April 1915 had succeeded - what then?
  • In the cold light of dawn by Kerry Neale. While the significance of the dawn service continues to grow, questions remain over its origins in Australia.
  • An ANZAC's pay book by Donald Lawie. The pay book and a diary of Private Charles Lawrie, trace a fragmentary trail from Egypt to France and Belgium during the First World War.
  • French heroes in Sydney by John Ramsland. A popular Sydney newspaper defined the heroic image of visiting allied soldiers.
  • Partners in arms by Sven Knudsen. Australia’s relationship with America is featured in a new exhibition – Partners in arms: Australia and America in war, 1917-2007.
  • 'The toughest battle of all' by Craig Tibbitts. A ghastly, filthy, murderous nightmare tested Australian soldiers to the very limits of their courage and endurance.
  • Crossing the Busu by Garth Pratten. A raging torrent, enemy on the far bank, no bridges, no fords, and an operation that must proceed.
  • Beauty in hell by Janda Gooding. War artist George Lambert’s 'brilliant little flashes' illuminate the landscapes of war.
  • The Light Horse and the lady by John Connor. A chance discovery brings to light paintings of the Light Horse in Egypt.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.

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