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Wartime Magazine Issue 39

July 2007

  • Australia's worst experience in war by Peter Burness. ANZACs won a clear and decisive victory in 1917 - but at an unsustainable cost.
  • A Bullecourt tank by John White. Fought and lost in a day, the battle of Bullecourt was a disaster for the Australians.
  • Waiting to come home by Walter Kudrycz, Claire Dujardin and Bernard Lejune. The  little-known diary of Private Arthur Mactaggart highlights the significance the period following the First World War held for many Australians serving overseas.
  • Displaying Destruction by Anne-Marie Condé. Early on the Australian War Memorial went to great lengths to preserve and re-create scenes from the First World War. Then what happened?
  • Task force Air Commander by Chris Clark. Peter Raw’s colourful career culminated in controversial command in the Vietnam War.
  • Sixty years of keeping the peace by Peter Londey. Every day for the past six decades Australian peacekeepers have served overseas.
  • Bravery under fire by John Connor. Australian peackeepers caught in the crossfire in a massacre in Rwanda.
  • The night bird by Colin Jones. An Australian army guerrilla force fighting the Japanese in Timor had just one link with home - a small warship named Kuru.
  • The 'God of strategy' by Steve Bullard. An allied air attack changed the career of the  fanatical ideologue and pathologically brutal staff officer Lietenant Colonel Tsuji Masanobu, headed for Kokoda.
  • Time and Type by Emma Morris. Writing and producing newspapers was one of the most popular ways for Australian prisoners of war to pass the time.
  • B for Binbrook by Garth Pratten. Too few remember the sacrifice of Australians in Bomber Command.
  • Surprise resistence by Tim Gellel. The first Australian action against the Imperial Japanese Army did not achieve all its intended outcomes, but it demonstrated the Australians' fighting abilities.
  • Getting the measure of Kapyong by Nigel Steel. Piecing together the puzzle behind the Memorial's new Korean War diorama.
  • On the recieving end by Andrew Arthy. German raids on Hamraiet in 1943 were an unexpected and unwelcome surprise for the Allies.
  • A proper soldier’s vengeance? By Lachlan Coleman. The Surafend affair reveals that not all the ANZAC story is laudable.
  • Hands on, minds on by Christina Spittel and Kerry Neale. The Memorial's Discovery Zone takes children into a new world.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.