Wartime Magazine Issue 45

January 2009 SHOP:1328272745

Homecoming: The return from war.

  • Welcome Home: Vietnam vets return from war by Elizabeth Stewart. It is often forgotten that Vietnam veterans received enthusiastic Welcome Home parades.
  • Soldiers to citizens by Karl James. For those troops serving in the islands at the end of the Second World War, the wait to return to Australia could be frustratingly slow, leading to protest and an act of sabotage.
  • Coming home in 1857 by Craig Wilcox. The first solders to come home to Australia wore red coats and spoke with English and Irish accents.
  • Home but still apart by Steven Bullard. The need for troops to be quarantined during the influenza epidemic of 1918–19 delayed some reunions.
  • After the shooting stopped by Robert Nichols. Following the signing of the armistice in 1918, the priority was to get the soldiers back home.
  • A time of mixed emotions by Ian Hodges. Peacekeepers react to their time abroad in different ways.
  • Biplanes from the bush by Peter Stanley. A long-forgotten patriotic fund provided aircraft for the British Empire in the Great War.
  • Bringing Cobbers to Australia by Ross McMullin. How the stirring sculpture ‘Cobbers’, at Fromelles came to be replicated in Australia.
  • From the Mounties to Middle Head by Michael Tyquin. The life of Sir George Arthur French, founder of Australia’s defence forces exemplified a colonial career.
  • “Triumphant return in silence” by Keiko Tamura. The Japanese midget submarine attack in Sydney turned the crew into heroes on the silver screen.
  • Heilly: front-line village by Peter Burness. The small French village of Heilly, found itself close to the fighting during the First World War.
  • The furoshiki by Ally Roche. Private Clifford Le Claire’s memories came wrapped in a Japanese soldier’s cloth.
  • Australia’s cameleers by Elpeth Grant. The Imperial Camel Corps’s Australian soldiers were rough diamonds, helped by Abdual Wade, one of our Muslim cameleers.
  • The Bluebirds in France by Les Hetherington. In 1916 a group of Australian Red Cross nurses travelled to help the sick and wounded.
  • Aussie VC winners in North Russia by Michael Challinger.  After the First World War, Australian soldiers, Corporal Arthur Percival Sullivan and Private Samuel Pearse took part in an almost forgotten action.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.

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