Wartime Magazine Issue 46

April 2009 SHOP:1328272746

The Victoria Cross special issue.

  • ‘Recock and refigure’: Trooper Mark Donaldson VC speaks by Peter Pederson. Australia’s latest VC winner recently spoke to Memorial historians about his experiences in Afghanistan.
  • History under fire by Ashley Ekins. For decades, the terms “wounded” and “injured” have been used to classify casualties in war, Service medical records, from the First World War to the present, employ both terms. Some servicemen and veterans believe the terms should not be confused.
  •  The Victoria Cross in Australia by Peter Burness. The award for valour has a distinguished history.
  • From Howse to Donaldson: winning the Victoria Cross by Peter Pedersen. For many years some acts of bravery under fire did not count when it came to awarding Victoria Crosses.
  • Cool art from a hot zone by Warwick Heywood. War artists Lyndell Brown and Charles Green have produced original creations from the current war zones.
  • Habbaniya Cemetery’s Australian connections by Marcus Fielding. The Australian war graves at Habbaniya reflect the long struggles of Iraqi history.
  • Tools of the trade by Garth O’Connell. Weapons and equipment used – or faced – by Australian forces in the Middle East are new, advanced and hi-tech.
  • The arms of black melancholy by Aaron Pegram. Australian prisoners captured on the Western Front in April 1917 were subjected to brutal German treatment.
  • Gallipoli’s first day: Turkish documents separating myth and reality by Harvey Broadbent. Research by Macquarie University and the Australian War Memorial into Turkish archives is revealing new evidence about the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Australians over Dieppe by Andrew Arthy. In August 1942 two Australian fighter pilots, Flight Lieutenant Tony Gaze and Flight Sergeant South C. Creagh took part in the hectic air fighting over Dieppe, France.
  • A letter from Long Tan by Chris Roberts. The story behind the making of a stunning new film in the Vietnam War gallery.
  • Masters of the static war by Susan Ramage. Remembering Ian Hutchison and 1RAR, Korea 1951–52.
  • ‘I’d had it in mind...’ by Andrew Jack. How a tree from Lone Pine came to be at the Australian War Memorial.
  • Pigeons in the Second World War by Andrew Gray. The exploits of these birds even won them awards.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.

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