Wartime Magazine Issue 48

November 2009 SHOP:1328272748

The Kokoda campaign. Wartime looks in detail at this decisive event. It deals with the Australian and the Japanese experience of the fighting and with the efforts to record the campaign.

  • Kokoda then and now by Hank Nelson. For Australians a different war from what they had so far known in world wars was being fought in Papua and New Guinea.

  • The greyhounds of Kokoda by Karl James. The 39th Battalion was seen as heroic but the 53rd Battalion was derided; the clues lay in the circumstances of their formation.

  • Lost hero by Nick Fletcher. Alexander George Thornton enlisted under an assumed name, fought bravely, and then …

  • Hospitals of death by Steven Bullard. The Japanese medical system in 1942–43 created immense suffering for staff and soldiers alike.

  • Shots from along the trail by Aaron Pegram. Some of the finest images of the war were captured during the Kokoda campaign.

  • Kokoda ‘Track’ or ‘Trail’? by Karl James. Both terms were used during the war and were not thought to be mutually exclusive.

  • Sending the news home by Ian Jackson. Australian army Photographer Tom Fisher died trying the capture the action on Kokoda.

  • Walking the Trail by Bill James. The landscape is alive with memories old and new.

  • The taste of defeat.  Selected and translated by Haruki Yoshida. The recollections of retreating Japanese soldiers in Papua tell a tale of men in extremity.

  • War birds and pin-up girls by Majella Edwards. During the Second World War images of attractive girls adorned the noses of many Australia aircraft.

  • The warrior leader by John Essex-Clark. How Frank Hassett led 3RAR to victory at Maryang San in the Korean War.

  • Our first VC ! By Peter Burness. We all know it was Jacka … wasn’t it? The story of Corporal Issy Smith VC.

  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.

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