Wartime Magazine Issue 50

April 2010

Our 50th issue celebrated Gallipoli, 95 years on.

  • Turkish machine-guns at the landing by Chris Roberts. It has long been believed that Australian troops faced machine-guns at ANZAC Cove, but is it another myth?
  • Burning Bridges by Peter Pedersen. Was the 1st Australian Division’s first commander, Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges a good general or a dud?
  • Hooky Walker the English general by Peter Burness. The AIF needed senior British officers until Australians of suitable rank, training and experience became available.
  • First man ashore by Peter Burness. This honour was given to Sergeant Joe Stratford from the 9th Battalion, a Queensland unit.
  • The evacuation of ANZAC by Robyn Van Dyk. After a disastrous campaign, a brilliant deception was carried off with great success.
  • Digging in and holding on by Patricia Sabine. A newly created panorama, featured inside our cover, gives a remarkable view of Gallipoli. See the separate photos used in the panorama.
  • A real Bastard by Lachlan Coleman. A man with an unfortunate name left a vivid account of Gallipoli. The story of Private Robert Stanley Bastard.
  • The scourge of Bomber Command by Phillip Bradley. Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, an ace Nachtjäger pilot had extraordinary success against Allied bombers.
  • Nurses under fire by Elizabeth Stewart. “It is Fritz’s fault. He will do these dastardly tricks.” During the First World War, eight Australian nurses were awarded the Military Medal, but little is known of these women or their extraordinary actions.
  • A Kittyhawk pilot in Italy by Andrew Arthy. Australian fighter bomber pilot, Kelvin Hayes flew 119 missions in the Mediterranean, including a raid on a German airfield in Italy.
  • Mud and dust by Mike Cecil. The machinery of war is part of the human story.
  • With Collins in the Med by Tom Lewis. How talented officer, Captain John Collins, led HMAS Sydney in a great battle.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.