Wartime Magazine Issue 52


Behind the wire.

In the hours before battle, the possibility of being killed or seriously wounded can cross the mind of most troops, but the thought of surviving combat to be taken prisoner is very seldom considered. This issue of Wartime relates the prisoner of war experience in both the world wars, in Europe and in the South-West Pacific Area.

  • Shelter in time of war by Richard Braithwaite. The Big Tree of Sandakan was a place of significance to all who were held there.
  • Return from Changi by Nigel Stanley. The paintings prisoner, Leo Rawlings, on the Burma–Thailand railway tell a story with a twist in the ending.
  • An officer's first duty by Diane Rutherford. A mass breakout from German prisoner-of-war camp, Oflag VIIB at Eichstätt, Bavaria, was a success even though it failed.
  • Painting on the inside by Bridie Macgillicuddy. Australian painters gave us a view of life in European prisoner-of-war camps during the Second World War.
  • Bold bids for freedom by Aaron Pegram. Many Australian prisoners during the First World War made escape attempts, but very few succeeded.
  • Cowra – an early warning by Graham Apthorpe. The mental state of  Japanese prisoner, 2nd Lieutenant Naka Masao, was a warning his jailers ignored.
  • Two funerals and a breakout by Keiko Tamura. A Japanese prisoner at Cowra, Keiko Tamura, went on to become a force for reconciliation.
  • Chivalry versus Bushidō by Kan Sugahara. Letters from prisoners of the Japanese were dropped over Port Moresby in 1942 – but how did this come about?
  • Battle over the fjord by Scott Milson. A raid on German ships in 1945 was heroic but costly.
  • Sticking to his guns by Tom Lewis. Hector “Hec” Waller, one of the great fighting captains of the Royal Australian Navy is still revered today.
  • The raid on Celtic Wood by Michael Kelly. The 10th Battalion's action at Celtic Wood was tragic, but it's no longer a mystery.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.

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