Wartime Magazine Issue 53

January 2011 SHOP:1328272753

Last Actions.

  • The aftermath of conflict. Wars and military conflicts are often characterised by their beginnings, but the way they end can be equally significant.

  • First and last: Australia's carrier airpower goes to war by Jean Bou. A single tour to the Korean War proved to be the only time that the RAN used its carrier airpower in anger.

  • The Rai Coast advance by Peter Thompson. In January 1944, untested Australian troops pursued the Japanese across New Guinea's difficult terrain.

  • Yarra heroes: honours deferred by John Bradford. HMAS Yarra's final heroic actions were never recognised – was it the fault of the system?

  • After the fall by Steven Bullard. With the war in Vietnam almost over, there was still plenty for the Royal Australian Air Force to do.

  • Danger in the ground by Marcus Fielding. Australian soldiers helped to train Afghans to rid their country of mines.

  • Leaving Gallipoli: perceptions from the Turkish side by Ashley Ekins. The withdrawal was a triumph of planning and execution, but did it completely deceive the Turkish defenders?

  • 'A bit of scrap' by Chris Holyday. An unknown contributor to The Anzac book was a poet in the mould of Lawson. He was Thomas Henry “Crosscut” Wilson of 16th Battalion, AIF.

  • Nightscapes and jungle visions by Laura Webster and Diana Warnes.  Two very different artists, Jon Cattapan and eX de Medici, picture the world of modern peacekeepers.

  • Missing but not forgotten by Margaret Reeson. The loss of the Montevideo Maru left many questions, some of which are beginning to be answered.

  • The new Hall of Valour by Peter Burness. Old and honourable traditions have been given an elegant new home.

  • Rose Force unearthed by Chelsea Mannix. Warrant Officer Jack Balsillie’s search for battlefield relics helped recall the story of Australian forces in action in Malaya.

  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.

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