Wartime Magazine Issue 56

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The Fighting in Korea - Remembering the 'forgotten war', 1950-1953. 

  • Captain Potter’s Italian suitcase by Jane Peek. Australian Captain James Potter, of 2/48th Battalion, 26th Infantry Brigade and Italian Lieutenant Giuseppe Valle, of the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment never met, but they were destined to have an unlikely connection.
  • Who What Where When - The man behind the man in the chair by Lenore Heath. Private Richard Hill cuts the hair of a young 2RAR soldier in Korea.
  • Observing the outbreak of war by Peter Londey. Two Australians, Major Stuart Peach, and Squadron Leader Ronald Rankin were on the ground as the Korean War was brewing.
  • The apple orchard by Michael Kelly. 3RAR’s first major action in Korea was a brilliant success.
  • Untried and victorious by Bob Breen. Was the battle of Maryang San Australia’s finest feat of arms in the Korean War?
  • Leading from the front by Garth O’Connell. Reginald Walter Saunders was a remarkable man, and became the first of his people to be commissioned as an officer in the Australian Army.
  • Medal for Maryang San by Emma Campbell. The battle of Maryang San was probably the greatest single feat of the Australian Army during the Korean War, and where Major Jim Shelton, commanding officer of A Company, 3RAR was awarded a Military Cross.
  • Photographer on deck by Lenore Heath. Alan White left a valuable record of HMAS Sydney in Korean Waters.
  • Flying against the odds by Doug Hurst. No. 77 Squadron RAAF achieved an impressive record in Korea.
  • Missing in action by Brian Manns. Forty-four Australians who died during the Korean War have no known grave.
  • Hot patrols in a cold war by Emma Campbell. Platoon commander of B Company, 1st Battalion 1RAR, Colin Kahn was seriously wounded during a night patrol in 1952.
  • The western wolfpack guerrillas by Robyn van Dyk. The Australian destroyer HMAS Bataan cooperated with Korean exiles in a successful assult.
  • “What has happened to our dear boy?” by Tony Cunneen. Volunteer lawyers were at the heart of the search for missing min in the First World War.
  • A battle investigation by Matthew Needham. H>R> Williams wrote a classic story of active service in the Great War, but is it a reliable historical account?
  • Battling in Peking by Marcus Fielding. The diary of Lancelot Giles provides a gripping account of the siege of the foreign legations during the Boxer Rebellion.
  • “Turn wild Australians on to him” by Ross Hamilton. A little known episode of the Great War was fought out in Egypt.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.

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