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Wartime Magazine Issue 59

July 2012

1942 - the world at war: Midway, Milne Bay, Kokoda, El Alamein, Stalingrad.

  • Coral Sea, Midway and After by Jonathan Parshall. How Japanese planning created crucial errors.
  • Australia’s Thermopylae? by Peter Williams. Were the Australians on the Kokoda Trail really outnumbered?
  • General Clowes of Milne Bay by Karl James. Milne Bay was Japan’s first land defeat of the war, but its victor won few laurels.
  • Lying Doggo and Waiting by Shane Casey. Australians struggled against Japanese tanks at Milne Bay.
  • Disaster at Savo Island by Richard Pelvin. The Japanese surprised the Allied fleet after the landings at Guadalcanal.
  • Teamwork at Alamein by Mark Johnston. Australians joined Dominion forces to win a desert victory.
  • Stalingrad Seventy Years On by Richard Overy. Immense sacrifice achieved a turning point in the war.
  • Australian Yanks by Lenore Heath. Men of all ages found a place to serve with the American small ships section.
  • Making Arms for the Nation by Justin Hewitt. An essential home front industry should not be forgotten.
  • Making Their Mark Again by Marcus Fielding. After the First World War, Australian soldiers showed their sporting prowess.
  • The Soldiers' Photographer by Emma Campbell. Denis Gibbons and the Vietnam War.

    Plus regular features, including book reviews. Soft cover, fully illustrated, 73 pages.