Wartime Magazine Issue 67

July 2014

The Great War Issue

  • The 12th Battalion’s flag by Nigel Steel. The Australian Imperial Force battalions forged their unique identities.
  • Campaign Season by Meleah Hampton. A year-by-year sketch of the campaigns of the Great War and Australia’s role in it.
  • The war that ended peace by Margaret MacMillan. In 1914 there were forces against the war which might have prevailed.
  • Power of the dreadnoughts by Andrew Lambert. Britain’s superior navy might have averted the First World War.
  • The Western Front 1914-1916 by Robin Prior. How the early fighting in France led to trench warfare.
  • Steaming to war by Greg Gilbert. HMAS Australia took on the German fleet in August 1914.
  • First to fight by Michael Kelly. At the battle of Bitapaka, the AN&MEF were the first Australians in combat.
  • The first to fall by Aaron Pegram. Among the first casualties of the First World War were Australians fighting in the British Army.
  • Art in a time of war by Claire Baddeley. The experience of 1914-18 seen through the eyes of Australian artists.
  • Spinning the reels: Picking high fruit in the arid expanse by Stephanie Boyle.
  • Briefing: Blasting with Big Bertha by Shane Casey.
  • The Last Post: Captain Keith Heritage 1882-1916 by Meleah Hampton.
  • In the picture: Ambulance Waggon No.1 by Edwin Ride.

Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters, and Memorial news.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 73 pages.