Wartime magazine issue 69

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Australia’s story retold: The ground-breaking refurbishment of the Australian War Memorial’s First World War galleries.

  • Australia’s story retold – The ground-breaking refurbishment of the Australia War Memorial’s First World War galleries.
  • The new First World War galleries by Nick Fletcher. The Memorial’s refurbished galleries will provide new generations with some understanding of what their nation endured in the years 1914-18 and beyond.
  • Digital displays by Luke Diggins. The film installations and interactive touchscreens in the refurbished First World War Galleries mark a new and exciting direction for the Memorial.
  • Faces of war by Kate Morschel. Taken from a collection of thousands, the Australian War Memorial’s portrait display offers a personal and poignant insight into the impact of the First World War.
  • Semakh: An Indigenous connection by Gary Oakley. The newly redeveloped dioramas contain some special links to Australia’s Indigenous people.
  • “The finest that the world contains” by Robert Nichols. Charles Bean and the origin of the Australian War Memorial.
  • Still standing by Nigel Steel. Fred the Fox and Denis Kelly, two RAAF veterans in London.
  • Stretcher-bearers by Mark Johnston. From a rocky start, Australian stretcher-bearers were soon considered some of the bravest and most respected men in the country’s fighting force.
  • “Come on, Australians” by Peter Pedersen. Charles Bean and the Australian Historical Mission to Krithia, Turkey, in March 1919.
  • Remembering the experiences of all by Jay Winter. The influences that drove the monumental project of creating a new three-volume history of the Great War.
  • Christie Campbell’s grief by Chris Clark. The story behind an early Canberra family’s attempts to cope with the loss of a son to war.
  • It's a tank dummy by Chris Goddard. The fine art of tank deception in the First World War.
  • Feeling like a king by Joanne Smedley. First World War veterans at the 1984 opening of the Gallipoli Gallery.
  • Filming the press in 1918 by Daniel Eisenberg. A media visit the the Australian Corps Headquaters in France provided some stunning footage of our troops - but it almost didn't happen.

Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters, and Memorial news.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 73 pages.

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