Wartime magazine issue 74

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The Somme 1916 

  • Foundation for victory by Gary Sheffield. The battle of the Somme in 1916 was appalling, but lessons were learned.
  • Churchill and the Battle of the Somme by Robin Prior. He made some strong criticisms of the conduct of the battle, but was he right?
  • Intelligence on the Somme by Jim Beach. British intelligence systems played an influential role in the conduct of the fighting in 1916.
  • The French at the Somme 1916 by Elizabeth Greenhalgh. The achievements were remarkable, but managing the alliance was not a simple matter.
  • The missing mortars of Bridoux by Aaron Pegram. Their first engagement in France showed that the Australians had a lot to learn.
  • “Relentless and incessant offensive” by Michael Molkentin. Australian officers of the Royal Flying Corps supported the British offensive on the Somme.
  • Breaking point at Pozieres by Meleah Hampton. Even the most dedicated can crack under the strains created by combat and poor command.
  • Empire of the Somme by Michael Molkentin. Australians weren’t the only colonials fighting on the Western Front in 1916.
  • “The biggest bastard of a job” by Bryce Abraham. McCann and Blackburn at Pozieres Ridge: how valour is defined.
  • Somme sort of life by Stephanie Boyle. Mud and mortality on the Western Front.
  • “His loss I do not realise” by Kate Morschel.
  • Collection insights by Danielle Cassar
  • Pozieres battlefield rifles by Shane Casey.
  • The Last Post: Captain Ralph Ratnevelu Raymond Ekin-Smyth, 52 Battalion.

 Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail call, and book reviews.

  Magazine, illustrated throughout, 73 pages.

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