Wartime magazine issue 83

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Wartime Magazine (Winter 2018) - Jungle warfare

Featured articles:

  • On the precipice by Lachlan Grant. The battle for Shaggy Ridge was one of the Australian 7th Division's great achievements in the New Guinea campaign of 1943-44.
  • The Japanese experience by Haruki Yoshida. The Allied victory at Buna-Gona was harrowing for the Japanese soldiers and tested their ethos.
  • Three great battles by James Holland. General William Slim's reforms took the 14th Army on the long road to victory in Burma and India.
  • A template for victory by Eric Bergerud. American forces learned jungle warfare the hard way in New Georgia, 1943.
  • "Don't give an inch" by David Sutton. Outnumbered Australian forces at Wau fought and won a remarkable engagement against the Japanese.
  • Exploring Oboe by Garth Pratten. Australia's final operations of the Second World War were also the largest undertaken; walking the ground aids understanding.
  • China, the forgotten ally by Rana Mitter. China's struggle against Japan's brutal 1937 invasion had a significant effect on the course of the Second World War.
  • Lessons of the Korean War by John Blaxland. Redefining how Australia builds its armed forces and their relations with allies.
  • Stories of sacrifice and service by Emma Campbell. A thoughful ceremony has become a significant part of Australia's remembrance program.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 72 pages.

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