Wartime magazine issue 86

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Wartime Magazine (Autumn 2019) - The Long Cold War

Featured articles:

  • Wartime pen pals by David Reynolds. The correspondence between Churchill and Stalin reveals the evolution of an unlikely alliance.
  • Pragmatism and total war by Stephen Brown. The Red Army's victory in the Russian Civil War of 1918-20 was the result of shrewd policies.
  • More than mud and snow by David Sutton. Hitler's Operation Barbarossa was defeated by Soviet armies, not the weather.
  • Red storm in the East by Konstantin Sheiko. After Hitler's defeat, Stalin's armies turned against the Japanese in Manchuria.
  • Sea furies and fireflies by Karl James. HMAS Sydney's air group developed naval aviation in time for the Korean War.
  • Saving a domino by Michael Kelly. Australia joined the fight against communism in the Malayan Emergency.
  • The Black Rats of Tobruk by Michael Bell. Emerging stories of Indigenous participation in North Africa.
  • Operation Beach Party by Cameron Ross. Australian tunnellers were key to a plan to regain control of the Belgian Coast in 1917.
  • Portraits from an Armistice by Brendan O'Keefe. In 1918 there was an earlier, less celebrated armistice, and Australians played a role in bringing it about.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Collection Insights, In the Picture, and The Last Post.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 72 pages.

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