Wartime magazine issue 87

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Wartime Magazine (Winter 2019) - 1944-45 From D-Day to Berlin

Featured articles:

  • D-Day at 75 by James Holland. The real story behind the Normandy campaign's success is not the one that has been commonly told.
  • The Royal Australian Navy at Normandy by Lachlan Grant. Australian sailors played many important roles in D-Day's Operation Neptune.
  • Taking no prisoners by Antony Beevor. In the freezing Ardennes forest, troops experienced one of the harshest battles of the war.
  • Crossing the Rhine by Michael Kelly. The Allies' Operation Varsity used immense air power to make the final push into Nazi Germany.
  • Terms of Surrender by David Sutton. With the Third Reich about to fall, the terms of Nazi surrender became as much about politics as combat.
  • Drawing the close by Michael Grant. An Australian official war artist was among the first to enter Nazi Germany's infamous Stalags and concentration camps.
  • The Liberation of Paris by Debbie Lackerstein. The battle was not just to expel the Nazi occupiers but to claim leadership of a free France.
  • The meagre gains of war by Joan Beaumont. The Treaty of Versailles may have been punitive, but it was small compensation for the 60,000 Australian dead.
  • Plus regular features including ReflectionsCollection Insights, In the Picture, and The Last Post.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 72 pages.

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