Wartime magazine issue 91

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Wartime Magazine (Winter 2020) - Victory in the Pacific

Featured articles:

  • Aftermaths by Antony Beevor. The Second World War and its consequences have had effects that persist to the present.
  • Okinawa and after by Saul David. The final battle cost tens of thousands of lives and influenced the remainder of the war.
  • In his own words by Mark Johnston. Diver Derrick's diaries reveal the experiences of a much-decorated soldier in the Second World War.
  • Victory in the Pacific by Karl James. Long struggle preceded the apocalyptic end of the Second World War.
  • The spirit of samurai by Haruki Yoshida. At surrender ceremonies in 1945, Japanese leaders were made to do the unthinkable: surrender their swords.
  • Surrender in Borneo by Robyn Van Dyk. It took three months to bring the war to an end.
  • One job left to do by Lachlan Grant. After the Second World War, the Australian Army had to police part of the Netherlands East Indies.
  • No worthwhile job to do by Kristen Alexander. Discontent with RAAF leadership led to the Morotai Mutiny in 1945.
  • Bringing them in by Michael Bell and Duncan Beard. Indigenous men made a contribution during the Second World War, despite the barriers.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Collection Insights, In the Picture, Spinning the Reels, and Last Post.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 72 pages.


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