Wartime magazine issue 92

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Wartime Magazine (Spring 2020) - The Hot Cold War

Featured articles:

  • That crazy Australian by Michael Kelly. A small number of Australians were caught up in the brutal battle for Hue during the Tet Offensive.
  • "To build a dike" by Gregory A. Daddis. America’s war in Vietnam was as much about its own credibility as it was about fighting communism.
  • Road to Dien Bien Phu by Craig Tibbits. French colonial ambitions led to la sale guerre, France’s dirty war in Indochina, 1946–54.
  • The Malayan Emergency by Brian P. Farrell. British success in managing regional and colonial conflicts turned on realising which actions should not be taken.
  • "So close and so real" by Hannah Viney. The Vietnam Moratoriums revived a struggling peace movement, but did they end Australian involvement in the war?
  • Felt like family by Elise Horspool. Choi Yung Kil’s Korean War.
  • War and mourning by Meghan Adams. Men who lost sons in the First World War had few outlets for their grief.
  • Skin in the game by Tristan Moss. Australia’s long defence relationship with Papua New Guinea is based on shared history.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Collection Insights, In the Picture, Spinning the Reels, book reviews and Last Post.

Magazine, illustrated throughout, 72 pages.

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