Behind the lines: music CD

John Schumann and the Vagabond crew

John Schumann holds a distinguished place in Australian music and is perhaps best-known for the song "I was only 19", recorded with folk band Redgum and considered by many as an anthem for Vietnam veterans. Behind the lines features this classic song, as well as covers of songs by Eric Bogle, Judy Small and Cold Chisel.

  1. Boy on the Run
  2. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  3. Scots of the Riverina
  4. No Man’s Land
  5. Ted
  6. To an Old Mate
  7. Mothers Daughters Wives
  8. Khe Sahn (Long Tan version)
  9. My Country
  10. I was only 19
  11. Rachel
  12. Wings of an Eagle
  13. Safe Behind the Wire
  14. When the War is Over
  15. I’ll Be Gone
  16. Waltzing Matilda

Plus bonus DVD: John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew live at the Woodford Folk Festival, 2010.

You may also be interested in John Schumann's book I was only nineteen