Animal Allies

Ross Pearson

Much has been written of the hardships suffered by men and women serving their country but the trials, tribulations and idiosyncrasies of the animals that served with them have not received a great deal of consideration – particularly in the case of the Australian forces.

Ross Pearson set out to chronicle the life and death of the animals in the Australian Service but as he researched the records, he discovered the unusual nature of some animals that were used.

He widened his focus to write a book that covers many wars over the centuries and a strange assortment of animals. The scope flows from Simpson and his donkey, to the charge at Beersheba, to the porpoises used in the Gulf War and many other battles and campaigns. The assortment of animals used, range from bats carrying tiny bombs, to rat booby traps, mice gas detectors and more.

Hard cover, photographs, 185 pages.