The Victoria Cross and The Cross of Valour, Australian Awards 1900-2013, poster

New and updated

The Victoria Cross is the highest decoration awarded for conspicuous bravery to members of the British and Commonwealth armed forces, first instituted by Queen Victoria in 1856. Listed here with their photograph are one hundred Australian recipients of the Victoria Cross awarded in theatres of war. It includes Trooper Mark G Donaldson VC, Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC MG, Corporal Daniel Keighran VC and Corporal Cameron S Baird. This new edition 2014 poster includes all Australian recipients of the Victoria Cross.

The Cross of Valour is Australia’s highest bravery award to civilians and military personnel, where the act is not in the face of the enemy. This poster includes a listing and photograph of each of the five Australian’s who have received this award.

 The quality poster measures 70 x 44.8 cm.

Please note: The image displayed for this poster shows the 2012 version not the 2014 version, which includes Corporal Cameron S Baird. An updated image will be displayed online as soon as possible.