And the band played on: music CD

Music from the First World War

Original recordings from the 1910's.

This album was inspired by the book And the band played on, written by historian Robert Holden, which pays homage to the music and entertainment that lifted the spirits of the Anzacs. Holden’s book offers a fresh look at the wartime experience, delving into a new area of history. This 2 CD album brings the music back to life again with an extensive collection of original recordings from the war years: from enthusiastic recruitment anthems to laments for loved ones lost forever in battles far from home.

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CD 1:

 1. Oh! It’s a Lovely War (Courtland & Jeffries)

 2. It’s a Long Way to Tipperary (American Quartet)

 3. Women Who Wait (Ernest Pike)

 4. Keep the Home Fires Burning (John McCormack)

 5. Here We Are Again! (Fredrick Wheeler)

 6. Oui, Oui, Marie (Arthur Fields)

 7. Roses of Picardy (Ernest Pike)

 8. My Sweetheart Is Somewhere in France (Elizabeth Spencer)

 9. If You Were the Only Girl in the World (Violet Lorraine &

 George Robey)

 10. K-K-K-Katy (Billy Murray)

 11. Your King and Country Want You (Helen Clark)

 12. Good Bye-ee (Courtland & Jeffries)

 13. United Forces March (Metropolitan Military Band)

 14. When the War Is Over, Mother Dear (Walter Jeffries)

 15. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (John McCormack)

 16. Stay Down Here Where You Belong (Henry Burr)

 17. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Byron G. Harlan & Frank Stanley)

 18. Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty (Florrie Forde)

 19. Playing Home Sweet Home (George Christian)

 20. Boys in Khaki, Boys in Blue (Fredrick Wheeler)

 21. I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier (Morton Harvey)

 CD 2:

 1. Pack Up Your Troubles (Murray Johnson)

 2. Keep On Carrying On (Charlie Collins)

 3. Just Before the Battle, Mother (Will Oakland)

 4. (Good Bye and Luck Be With You) Laddie Boy (Nora Bayes)

 5. Boys of the Dardanelles (Stanley Kirkby)

 6. The Boys Who Won’t Come Home (Henry Burr)

 7. I Want to be a Soldier Like My Dad (Robert Lewis)

 8. Bravo! Little Belgium (Harry Fay)

 9. When I Send You a Picture of Berlin (Arthur Fields)

 10. Australia Will Be There (Alexander Prince)

 11. I’m Going to Follow the Boys (Elizabeth Spencer & Henry


 12. Never Mind the Food Controller (Florrie Forde)

 13. Send Me Away with a Smile (John McCormack)

 14. Paddy Maloney’s Aeroplane (Charlie Collins)

 15. When We Wind Up the Watch on the Rhine (Peerless Quartet)

 16. What Are You Going to Do to Help the Boys? (Charles Hart)

 17. Over There (Arthur Fields)

 18. How Ya Gonna Keep ’Em Down on the Farm? (Harry Fay)

 19. Now You’ve Got the Khaki On (Marie Lloyd)

 20. The Rose of No Man’s Land (George Gordon & Robert Bruce)

 21. There’s a Long, Long Trail (John McCormack)

Duration 133 minutes on 2 CDs.