Lapel pin: Royal Australian Air Force Roundel


When the Royal Australian Air Force was formed on 31 March 1921, it adopted the existing red, white and blue Roundel of the Royal Air Force to identify the aircraft. However the red inner circle was removed during the Second World War, when an 11 Squadron Catalina was mistaken for a Japanese aircraft by a United States Navy Wildcat.

After the war the red inner circle was re-introduced, but on 2 July 1956 the Red Kangaroo ‘in motion’ was chosen as the most popular centre piece from a range of other options including the Southern Cross, a boomerang and a sprig of wattle. The Roundel has been displayed with pride, not only on aircraft, but on various promotional materials since 1982.

This eye catching lapel pin attaches with a silver push pin.

Measures W2 cm

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