Recruitment posters from the Australian War Memorial: set of 16 posters


The Memorial's world-class poster collection comprises over 10,000 wartime propaganda posters, covering all the major conflicts Australia has been involved in. It includes significant holdings of posters from Australia, Britain, the United States, France, and Germany.

This updated set of 16 posters includes some iconic Australian images, and some lesser known, from both the First World War and Second World War.

Easily removable, and suitable for framing, these posters would make an ideal display for classrooms or other public areas.

The posters are printed on 200 gsm matt paper and include the art caption and a coloured border.

A3 size posters measure 29.7 X 42 cm.

 Posters include -

  • A call from the Dardanelles
  • Doing a grand job!
  • There is still a place in the line for you
  • It is nice in the surf, but what about the men in the trenches?
  • "Get a move on old man!"
  • Must it come to this?
  • Boys come over here: you're wanted
  • Going places! How about you?
  • Fall-in!
  • Coming? Then hurry!
  • Back up your cobbers!
  • Battle of Germany: join an air crew
  • This is a man's job! Join the RAAF
  • Join us in a victory job
  • Work, save, fight, and so avenge the nurses!
  • Make the Navy your career

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