Long Tan and Beyond

Alpha Company 6 RAR in Vietnam 1966-67

Mollison tells the story from his own experience as the commanding officer of Alpha Company 6 RAR, in Vietnam, and takes you from the recruit training to the rain-soaked, muddy battlefield at Long Tan.

Here for the first time is included the story about the relief force - the men who turned defeat into victory. More than that, it is a story told by soldiers about soldiers, and as you read their story, you will laugh and you will cry with them.

You will be fascinated by the actions of these youngsters who bonded together as one to serve their nation with immense dedication and loyalty. Fast-moving, first-hand accounts take you into the rain soaked, muddy and bloody Battle of Long Tan; through the hell of Operation Bribie; and into the jungle on countless ambushes, patrols and operations.

Soft cover, photographs, 428 pages.