Mapping the First World War: The Great War through maps 1914-1918

Peter Chasseaud

The Great War was fought on many fronts, with single battles often fought across tens of miles and large troop numbers moving across huge distances. Maps give a greater overview and detail of the situation as it happened on the ground.

Over 100 maps of various types are featured:

  • Small scale maps showing country boundaries and occupied territories.
  • Large-scale maps covering the key battles and offensives on all fronts of the war.
  • Trench maps showing detailed positions of the frontline.
  • Maps from newspapers, battle planning and propaganda.

 Maps clearly show the position of the allied and central powers including:

  • The Battle of Ypres
  • The Somme
  • Gallipoli
  • The Battle of Lodz
  • The Battle of Verdun
  • The Arab revolt; Lawrence and operations against Hejaz Railway
  • British and Indian advance up Tigris
  • The Battles of Coronel and Falklands

Along with the maps, key historical events are described giving a plotted history of the war from an expert British historian. 

Hard cover, maps, photographs, 304 pages.