Carnivore: 2,000 enemy KIA

Dillard Johnson and James Tarr

A remarkable war memoir: Dillard Johnson commanded the most lethal Bradley Fighting Vehicle (nicknamed Carnivore) during the Iraq War: spearheading the 2003 invasion, winning a Silver Star with Valour, and personally accounting for 2,000 confirmed enemy killed in action.

Diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma after his first combat tour, Johnson was given a 25% chance of survival, but returned to Iraq in 2005. During his second combat tour, he served as an Army sniper, performing overwatch protection for his fellow troops; he is officially credited with 121 snipers kills, believed to be the most ever by a U.S. Army sniper. In 2006, after 21 years in the Army, Johnson retired and spent the next 6 years working as a private contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Carnivore isn't just the war story of a professional soldier, it is the story of a loving husband and father of four children, one of whom suffers from cerebral palsy. It is the story of a poor kid from Kentucky who, between his 2 Iraq tours, had to battle stage 3 cancer (from radiation poisoning) developed as a result of firing 5000 depleted uranium rounds in combat, which is believed to be a world record. It is a story only one man can tell.

Hard cover, 352 pages.

Carnivore: 2,000 enemy KIA