Churchill's first war

Con Coughlin

Young Winston and the fight against the Taliban. 

Over a century ago, a young cavalry lieutenant wrote a riveting account of what he saw during his first major campaign, a vicious war against tribal insurgents on the North-West Frontier. Winston Churchill's The Story of the Malakand Field Force, published in 1898, made his reputation as a writer  and as a soldier. More than 120 years later it is still read by British and American military commanders on the ground. Acclaimed author and foreign correspondent Con Coughlin tells the story of that campaign, combining colourful historical narrative, interviews with contemporary key players and the journalist's eye for both a good story and deep analysis. Churchill's First War affords us a rare insight into both the nineteenth century 'Great Game' and the twenty first century conflict that has now raged longer than the Second World War and taken more lives than the Falklands.

Soft cover, 400 pages.