Billie Templar's war

Ellie Irving

Outspoken British teen Billie Templar desperately wants her dad to come home. He's a soldier and has been away for eleven weeks, fighting for 'Queen and country'. How can the two of them possibly defend their four year record of winning the three legged race at the school carnival if he's thousands of miles away?

When one of the other soldiers in Dad's regiment is seriously hurt, the stakes get even higher. Billie needs her dad home, sharpish. There's only one person who can help - Her Majesty. She's in charge of the army, right? She can send Dad home! Billie tries to get inside Buckingham Palace to sort it out, but it's not that easy. So, with the help of unforgettable cast of sweet, crazy characters Billie hatches a fool-proof plan to get the Queen to her little village instead...

Both funny and heart-wrenching,  Billie's journey will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.

Soft cover, fiction, 368 pages.