The Boy from Bowen - Diary of a Sandakan POW

Leslie Bunn Glover

In July 1942 Lt. Leslie Bunn Glover became one of over 1750 AIF soldiers held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese Imperial Forces in Sandakan, Borneo.

In this book Leslie shares his remarkable and personal story of how he survived the suffering and slavery under the Japanese occupation. An insightful study of man's resourcefulness and ingenuity as an unwanted child in the 1920's and 30's, this living history details a life of foster homes, poverty, working in railways, army training, war and life after the war.

This is an Australian story, the 'rise of the underdog' which leaves you feeling that you are sharing this Aussie digger's experience firsthand. A remarkable man who was once just a boy from Bowen.

Soft cover, photographs, 452 pages.