A smile for Micky

Desmond Jackson, with paintings by Jack Chalker SHOP:9780646934402

From the horror of a prison camp on the Thai-Burma railway to a tender act of remembrance in Hobart, A smile for Micky is a true tale of friendship, endurance, suffering and tribute.

Author, Desmond Jackson was a prisoner of war for three and a half years under the Japanese. Twenty-five years later he felt compelled to write about events he witnessed during that terrible time. In particular of the life and eventual death of his mate Micky Hallam. They were events that no one there could forget.

His fellow prisoner, artist and friend, Jack Chalker, painted the watercolours especially for this book.

Published posthumously, this is a book with a message that endures from generation to generation: that war is brutal and futile. It epitomizes the cry: Lest We Forget.

Soft cover, illustrated, 48 pages.

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