The luck of the draw

Karen Eastwood SHOP:9780646991825

The story of Allen May, forward scout, Battle of Long Tan, 18th August 1966

The luck of the draw is a detailed portrait of a National Serviceman but it's also the story of Allen May, the Wynnum boy, who learnt his street smarts from a young age. His canny knack for surviving tricky situations then served him well in Vietnam where, as forward scout, he not only survived the Battle of Long Tan but also friendly fire from the New Zealand artillery.

Like many other veterans, his wartime experience cast a shadow over the rest of his life. The book is balanced with plenty of humour as well as the drama of war and is infused with episodes of Allen's escapades so it makes for an engaging read.

"The luck of the draw is a life of raw honesty. It is a story of hardship, humour, sacrifice, love and survival. In Allen’s life is the idealism and heroism of the everyday Australian. I am glad he has told it. We are all the better for him, his life and this book." Dr Brendan Nelson, Director, Australian War Memorial

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