Leane times: one family's transformation from cornish farmers to Australian fighters

Wendy Frew SHOP:9780648007838

Historian Charles Bean described the Leanes as 'the most famous family of soldiers in Australian military history', and they were used as a poster family for recruitment in the First World War.  But these Aussie diggers were separated by only one generation from humble Cornish farmers, who sought godliness not glory when they sailed to Australia in 1852. 

When Wendy Frew opened the genealogy cupboard to learn more about her martial ancestors, out fell a bunch of fiery evangelists and women's suffragists who embraced all the opportunities on offer in the new colony of South Australia.  Frew places her family at the crosscurrents of history - mass migration, colonisation and war - and reveals a complex true story that will resonate with the descendants of Australia’s early free settlers.


Soft cover, 208 pages.

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