Rendezvous with destiny

Michael Fullilove

In the dark days between Hitler's invasion of Poland and the attack on Pearl Harbor, a group of highly unorthodox emissaries dispatched to Europe by President Franklin D. Roosevelt paved the way for America's entry into the war.

Sumner Welles, the buttoned-down diplomat eventually ruined by his sexual misdemeanours, met with Mussolini, Hitler and Chamberlain.

William 'Wild Bill' Donovan, war hero and future spymaster, visited the isolated United Kingdom  to determine whether it could hold out against the Nazis.

Harry Hopkins, frail social worker and New Dealer, became an unlikely confidant of Churchill and Stalin.

Averell Harriman, banker and railroad heir, ran the massive aid program out of London, where he romanced Churchill's daughter-in-law.

Wendell Willkie, the charismatic former Republican presidential candidate, raised British morale and helped FDR to win over wary Americans to the cause. 

Together, they shaped the future of America, the Second World War, and the modern world. Michael Fullilove restores Roosevelt's unlikely envoys to their proper place in history.

Soft cover, photographs, 480 pages.

Rendezvous with destiny