The soldier's gift

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The soldier's gift is a moving story of one family's courage and endurance during the First World War, the terrible losses at Gallipoli and a time that changed Australia forever.

Emily knows her big brother, Tom, wants to leave Hillside Farm and go overseas to the war, but Emily doesn't want him to go.

'Everyone else is going,' said Tom to Emily when their uncle was gone.  'That's not a good reason,' said Emily.

Many themes are explored in this short picture book; from grief to resilience and healing. Emily and her father both deal with the loss of Emily’s brother Tom differently. While Emily is ready and willing to talk about her brother’s death, her father becomes withdrawn and reluctant to even mention the son he has lost.

Another theme in the book is the ability to make an informed choice. Tom is under pressure from the community and his family to go to Gallipoli. Emily is quick to question Tom’s decision as it is based on peer pressure and social expectation.

Written for young people aged 10 years +

Hard cover, colour illustations, 40 pages.


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