Kokoda for Dummies

Dr Peter Williams

Interest in the Kokoda Trail has grown rapidly among many Australians, both for its attraction as a hiking destination and for its historical significance.

Kokoda for Dummies covers everything you need to know about the Kokoda Trail and its place in Australian history.

Whether you want to walk the Kokoda Trail or just learn about its significance in Australia's wartime history, this book includes all the information you need,  providing practical tips for preparing to walk the track, advice on what gear to pack, choosing a trekking company, hiring a porter, safety and more.

  • Understand why Japanese forces invaded Papua New Guinea — discover the motivations behind the Battle of Kokoda
  • Follow the action along the track — see how the Allies defeated the Japanese troops
  • Decide on a tour — choose a suitable touring company and get the most from your trip
  • Prepare your pack — find out what you need (and don't need) to bring on your trek
  • Know what to expect on the track — get the inside story from seasoned trekkers about health and safety concerns
  • Read amazing eyewitness accounts of the war — hear the stories from Australian and Japanese veterans

 Soft cover, photographs, 303 pages.