Kokoda for Dummies

Dr Peter Williams

Interest in the Kokoda Track is growing rapidly among many Australians, both for its attraction as a hiking destination and for its historical significance. Kokoda for Dummies offers a fast track tool for learning everything you need to know about this unique thoroughfare, in one concise volume. Part history book, part practical guide, Kokoda for Dummies is perfect both for those considering walking the track themselves or armchair travellers who want to learn about its history.

Covering the full history of the Kokoda Track, from its beginnings as an overland mail route to the fierce battles between the Australians and the Japanese that took place along its length during World War II, the book also includes important information on walking the track yourself. From the steps you need to take to get ready to what to bring, Kokoda for Dummies is the definitive resource for anyone looking for a comprehensive overview of this significant landmark.

Soft cover, photographs, 303 pages.