The complete book of Heroic Australian Women

Susanna De Vries

Susanna De Vries provides inspiration for today′s women and examines what it takes to be a truly heroic Australian. Her book profiles twenty one extraordinary women whose stories changed history. These women faced different tests - harshness as pioneers in outback Australia; the turmoil of war - but when encountering adversity, even death, each proved her spirit. From Olive King, who saved countless lives in the war-ravaged Balkans, to Vivian Bullwinkel, who survived the Bangka Island Massacre only to endure three tragedy-filled years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, to Jeannie Gunn, who turned her experiences of hostile outback conditions into a classic book, We of the Never-Never, these  women displayed extraordinary determination in often terrible circumstances. Fanny Bussell, Bessie Bussell, Charlotte Bussell, Emma Withnell, Atlanta Bradshaw, Jeannie Gunn, OBE, Evelyn Maunsell, Catherine Parker, Myrtle White, Olive Kelso King, Dr Agnes Bennett, Dr Lilian Cooper, Sister Alice Kitchen, Joice NanKivell Loch, Sister Sylvia Muir, Sister Vivian Bullwinkel, Sister Joyce Tweddell, Sister Betty Jeffrey, Mavis Parkinson, Sister Frances Hayman.

Soft cover, photographs, 640 pages.