The Lost Diggers

Ross Coulthart

During the First World War, thousands of Australians and other Allied troops passed through the French town of Vignacourt. Many had their photographs taken by Louis and Antoinette Thuillier as souvenirs. The weariness and horror of battle are reflected in the soldiers' eyes, but the photos also capture a sense of camaraderie and high spirits.

The Lost Diggers tells the riveting story behind the discovery of nearly 4,000 glass-plate images taken by the Thuilliers. Through meticulous research and the help of descendants, Ross Coulthart has also pieced together the stories behind many of these photos. The Lost Diggers brings together these wonderful images and the amazing stories behind them. Hard cover, 330 photographs, 400 pages.

Publication of The Lost Diggers coincided with an exhibition at the Memorial titled The Lost Diggers of Vignacourt. It ran from 1 November 2012 to 31 July 2013.