Hell's Bells and Mademoiselles

Lt Joe Maxwell, VC

This is a rollicking eyewitness account of the 18th Battalion AIF in the First World War by one of its most decorated soldiers, the irrepressible Joe Maxwell.

Maxwell served at Gallipoli before being transferred to the Western Front. During 1917-1918 he was commissioned and awarded the DCM, Military Cross and Bar, and VC. This colourful memoir is a unique record of life as a First World War digger; Maxwell was in most of the major battles of the Western Front and graphically describes the action he saw, as well as the larrikinism of off-duty diggers.

Hell’s Belles and Mademoiselles was first published in 1932. This 2012 edition includes an afterword detailing Maxwell′s post-war life. Hard cover, 271 pages.

The officers and men of the 18th Battalion AIF were among those who posed for photographers Louis and Antoinette Thuillier in Vignacourt, France. Images from the Thuillier collection feature in the Memorial's current exhibition Remember me: the lost diggers of Vignacourt 

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