The Diggers' Menagerie

Barry Stone

Mates, Mascots and Marvels - True Stories of Animals who went to War.

From the Boer War to the conflict in Vietnam, from the Somme to Afghanistan, from beasts of burden and bomb detectors to providers of companionship and light relief for the men and women in war, animals have played a vital role in Australian military campaigns. Dogs, cats, pigeons, camels and horses among others, all took part.

Here Barry Stone documents, through letters, journals, photographs and first-hand accounts, the stories of the myriad of creatures that went off to various wars with Australian soldiers - adding a poignant layer to our military history. Highlighting individual stories, he follows not just their wartime adventures, but in some cases what happened to animals after the wars had ended, who survived and how.

Soft cover, photographs, 272 pages.

The Diggers' Menagerie